One man's rush to jump on the kayaking bandwagon

Are we having fun yet?

I really needed to go out on the lake today. I felt like I needed to go, but I didn't feel like going. I went anyway, hoping that I'd feel better once I got out. On one hand, I'm glad I went, on the other it wasn't exactly fun.
We put in at a boat ramp we hadn't used before. Its located further west on the lake than Upper Barton Creek, our usual spot. I liked it much better. It has less boat traffic and much more room to launch. We can even drive the car to within feet of the water. There's no need to lug the loaded kayaks down slippery ramps and over rocks.
The water was even higher today than it was when we went out last week. It makes finding a place to beach and have lunch or answer the call of nature a little harder than usual.
Today was my second day out wearing my Mukluk's. While they are wonderful at keeping water out, they also excel at keeping water in. I'm going to have to find some way to keep my feet dry. No one wants to get stinkfoot.
tags: lake, gear

December 27, 2006