One man's rush to jump on the kayaking bandwagon

First outing with the new kayak

Get it down from the top of the car without dropping it. Check. Cary it down to the water. Check. Load up all my stuff. Much easier since the hatches actually come on and off easily. Get in the boat. Easier than with my Tsunami.
Attach the spray skirt. It fits perfectly. I guess I'll need a real neoprene skirt now that I have a real boat. Oops. Almost flipped over. I miss those two and a half inches. Wide, overloaded boat means stability. Narrow, lightly loaded boat, and a nervous kayaker means things are a little tense. That's good. That's what I wanted.
I paddle a mile or so. It feels familiar, but better. It's time to fiddle with everything that can be adjusted. I find a sandy bit of shoreline and get out. I adjust the seat, eat lunch, and stretch. And stretch some more. And then some more. By body is still really tight from the drive home yesterday. I adjust the backband so it no longer pinched my ass fat.
I get back in the boat and paddle a few more miles. Lot's of idiots out today means lot's of wake. Turns out this British Sea Kayak thing actually handles boat wakes pretty well. This Nigel guy seems to know his stuff. Even handles the dreaded Coast Guard attack conditions without even a hint of twitch. I guess it helps to have a pointy end at both ends.
Those real rubber hatch covers get much hotter than the ones on my Tsunami. I lifted up the back hatch cover and air rushed out like the hatch was inflated.
I return to my put in spot after around 12 miles of so. Took about an hour less than the last time I did 12 miles. I love this boat.
tags: gear, lake

May 20, 2007