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Different Perspectives

Heading back to the put in spot, I passed a couple in rec boats hugging the shoreline. As I was heading from my car back down the hill to get my boat, I passed them on the way up.
I said, "Perfect kayaking weather, isn't it?"
"It's great. It would be even better if I could take the motors away from those boats." he replied.
"I love it! How else are you going to practice surfing on a lake?"
I only wish the wakes were larger.
A quiet day on the lake
A quiet day on the lake
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July 14, 2007

Sauna kayaking

It was hot. Very hot. 96 degrees. 95% humidity. No wind. Despite the heat, I averaged about half a knot faster than in previous outings. I was able to get into a nice rhythm and maintain it the entire way.
I still don't have a feel for how the wind effects things on the lake. I would have guessed that the first half of the trip would have been at a higher pace than the second half, yet the numbers don't show that. There did not appear to be any wind or current at all. Do boat all those little boat wakes make that much of a difference?
distance     avg kts   avg mph   
00.50 nm    3.67 kts  4.22 mph
01.00 nm    3.89 kts  4.48 mph
01.50 nm    3.95 kts  4.55 mph
02.00 nm    3.99 kts  4.58 mph
02.50 nm    3.60 kts  4.14 mph
03.00 nm    3.98 kts  4.58 mph
03.50 nm    3.56 kts  4.09 mph
04.00 nm    4.12 kts  4.74 mph
04.50 nm    4.00 kts  4.60 mph
05.00 nm    4.20 kts  4.83 mph
05.50 nm    4.36 kts  5.02 mph
06.00 nm    4.16 kts  4.78 mph
06.50 nm    3.90 kts  4.48 mph
overall     3.95 kts  4.54 mph
avg spd     3.63 kts  4.17 mph
distance    6.45 nm   7.41 sm
duration   01:46:36
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July 07, 2007

Happy 4th!

Another day on the lake.
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July 04, 2007