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Cuil and Dora the NDK Explorer?

I thought this was too funny not to share.
As many of you know, I have a thing for search engines. Cuil, the new search engine built by a few ex-Googlers, seems to still need some work:
Dora the NDK Explorer
Dora the NDK Explorer
It also seems to have something against Valley.
It seems that Valley doesn't make an Aquanaut
It seems that Valley doesn't make an Aquanaut
I'm sure the lack of results for the Aquanaut is due to being completely overwhelmed on their first day. I'm sure this will be quickly fixed. Dora's Explorer may be a little harder to fix.
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July 28, 2008

Kayaking Search Engine Update

Chesapeake Paddler's Association forums are now being indexed by the Kayaking Search Engine.
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July 07, 2008

Updated Search Engine

I updated the search engine to include the forums at UK Sea Kayak Guidebook and West Coast Paddler. Enjoy!
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June 29, 2008 message board search engine

There is a wealth of information in the message boards. Much of it is hidden in the archives and their search functionality is less than thorough. To better access the archived information, I created my own search engine. Take a look at the right hand bar on this and every page of this blog for the search box. It is updated twice every hour and includes all posts currently available. Enjoy!
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May 15, 2008

Sanoodi and EveryTrail

Sanoodi is a site for sharing GPS tracks. It's a great idea, but it seems fairly buggy. It relies on Google Maps for everything and therefore has all the limitations of Google Maps (lot's of time spent watching the spinning beach ball). I also just don't understand the need for the obligatory Flickr integration. Why can't I turn this off? Why can't I make my tracks private? It also seems to have some IE specific functionality. Overall, it just doesn't feel finished.
EveryTrail is a more polished version of Sanoodi. Tracks can be made private and I don't have to look at other people's random Flickr photos.
Both sites lack the ability to simplify GPS tracks by limiting the number of points. Adding this as part of the upload process would significantly improve the perceived responsiveness of the sites as the maps would render much faster. I was also not impressed with the search functionality of either site.
Although, I might just be overly critical since I've thought about making a site like this myself. :-) I think I'll stick to using for now.
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December 27, 2007

The software

There's always software.
I'm always curious to see where I've been, how far I went, and how fast I was going when I caught that boat wake. It really helps to see it mapped out. It's hard to tell the difference between the short sprint and the strong current by just looking at GPS data. The map makes it clear.
the map
the map
The track is color coded based on the speed. The red X's indicate the point of maximum speed. The scale lists the speed in knots, mph, and the percentage of the trip done at that speed. (In the above example, I was going between 3 and 4 kts for a majority of the trip.)
The software also generates a textual output that breaks down the trip by distance.
distance     avg kts   avg mph   
00.50 nm    3.38 kts  3.88 mph
01.00 nm    2.80 kts  3.22 mph
01.50 nm    3.28 kts  3.77 mph
02.00 nm    3.47 kts  3.99 mph
02.50 nm    3.09 kts  3.56 mph
03.00 nm    3.65 kts  4.19 mph
03.50 nm    3.31 kts  3.81 mph
04.00 nm    3.17 kts  3.64 mph
04.50 nm    2.94 kts  3.38 mph
05.00 nm    3.41 kts  3.92 mph
05.50 nm    2.63 kts  3.02 mph
06.00 nm    3.49 kts  4.02 mph
06.50 nm    3.26 kts  3.75 mph
07.00 nm    3.43 kts  3.94 mph
07.50 nm    3.17 kts  3.64 mph
08.00 nm    3.47 kts  3.99 mph
08.50 nm    2.94 kts  3.38 mph
09.00 nm    2.95 kts  3.39 mph
09.50 nm    3.00 kts  3.45 mph
10.00 nm    3.00 kts  3.45 mph
10.50 nm    2.87 kts  3.30 mph
overall     3.18 kts  3.66 mph
avg spd     2.49 kts  2.86 mph
distance   10.32 nm  11.87 sm
duration   04:09:05
On this trip, I paddled 10.32nm at an average speed of 2.49kts. 3.18kts was the average speed while actually moving. On this trip, I stopped for about 20 minutes to visit nature and eat lunch. This reduced my overall average speed from 3.18kts to 2.48kts.
For comparison, here is a GPSVisualizer map of this trip.
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May 19, 2007