One man's rush to jump on the kayaking bandwagon

Rough morning paddle

It was cold and windy. Perfect paddling weather. Paddling on flat water is becoming less and less interesting. There's something about paddling on water that feels alive.
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November 25, 2007

2nd Annual Quiet Boat Parade

The second annual Quiet Boat parade had a much higher turnout than last year. We went from 2 boats to 3 boats. We even made the Lumina News.
Quiet Boat Parade
Quiet Boat Parade
From the article:
Mirrored after the flotilla, the Daltons kayaks are decorated for the holiday season. Since many in our family kayak and some of them are here for the flotilla, last year we decided to have our own flotilla in the afternoon. We decorated our boats with little Christmas trees my nieces idea put on Santa hats and paddled up to the bridge and back, Jean Dalton says.
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November 24, 2007

Ocean Kayaking Part 2

I went out in the ocean for the second time today. I started out intending on just spending some time in the moving water in the inlet, but once I got there, I decided to just go for it.
Going out, I had rear quartering 6 foot swells that I was able to ride most of the way out to the pier. Just after I turned around to head back, the wind really picked up. The wind was directly in my face, causing 1-2 foot breakers as I was coming back into the inlet. It was a rough ride and a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun.
I may be becoming a salt water snob. Flat water just isn't doing it for me anymore.
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November 04, 2007

Kayak Race at Wrightsville Beach

Due to my previous back issues, I had only been in a kayak twice in the last 3 weeks. I decided to sit out this year's kayak race at Wrightsville Beach. I did watch and take some photos.
After the race, I decided to paddle the 6 mile course myself. Let's just say that had I competed, I wouldn't have done all that well. Maybe next year.
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November 03, 2007